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  Specialists in pelletizing and
filtration of plastics materials:
this is the Filtec competitive advantage.
Since 1993 Filtec designs and realises cutting systems with a high level of customizations and a high reliability.
Filtec has been dealing in the plastic material processing field for 25 years, showing particular attention for the filtering and pelletizing equipment. Our productive cycle starts with the study and planning of different solu- tions able to meet specific demands from every single client in order to obtain a tailor-made product, offering a fast and capillary after-sales servi- ce. Filtec is not only a machines producer: it is the right partner to choose to develop projects and to make real your ideas.
Thanks to a close cooperation with important extruders manufacturer companies and working together with our partners, we have acquired a good and deep experience in every kind of compound, masterbatches and special products.
The wide range of products is able to meet and to satisfy the requests of customers coming from all over the world, both Compounders and Recyclers. Filtec is specialised in the hot face pelletizing systems UW (Underwater) and GRO (Water Ring). With the UW pelletizer it is possible to obtain a homogeneous product without agglomerates and perfect spheri- cal pellets. While the GRO pelletizer has been studied for an easy and fast cleaning during the switch to other plastic products with a low material waste. Both systems are suitable for Recycling and used by important clients for many years. The product range includes also Screen-changers, Water Filters, Centrifugal dryers, Vented Vibrating screens.
Filtec also gives importance to Technology and Innovation, two aspects that go hand in hand with all Filtec projects. In line with this choice, Filtec
has decided to produce machines with a new software system that gives the possibility to control the machine in every moment. The advantages of this system are remarkable. In particular it is possible to check any faults and to act quickly in case of need, to improve the pro- duction quality of machinery and to improve energy savings. Thanks to this improvement Filtec has reached an important milestone: to be part of the Industry 4.0.
Filtec plays an active role in the plastics recycling field. Thanks to Filtec pelletizing systems, the waste comes back into pellets, and it can be re- introduced in the productive chain. All the clients using Filtec machines for recycling materials such as PP, HDPE and LDPE have obtained very good results both with Water Ring and Underwater systems. Some of them shifted the pelletizing systems, improving the characteristics of their granules and always choosing Filtec.
Filtec knows that plastic recycling is really important and that it must be taken seriously.
For this reason, always looking towards the future, Filtec has decided to join “Are you R?”, a project encouraged by four Italian companies, lea- ders in the plastic material processing and recycling fields.
The purpose of this project is to develop a sensibility in terms of recy- cling. A lot of people claim that Plastic is one of the main causes of pol- lution, without thinking about how important and versatile this material is. Plastic is involved in our everyday life, and it is a value that can be reused, we only need to be aware of that.
The aim of “Are you R?” is to help people to understand the real quali- ties and potentiality of plastic.
This project would like to fight against disinformation, regarding recy- cling, with information, using pictures, animated short films and witnes- ses. The PRE-association (Plastic Recyclers Europe) has also recognised the importance of this initiative, showing its support to “Are you R?”.
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