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  Presma SpA
Via delle Industrie, 8/10
21040 Torba di Gornate Olona (VA) - Italy Phone: +39 0331 811611
Fax: +39 0331 820026
Sigg. Franco e Giorgio Canziani
Structural foam / Co-injection / Recycling Micromoulding / Multicolor / Moulding on insert Multi-component insert moulding cell
Resin corks / Footwear division
Solid and liquid silicone / Rubber
PRESMA SpA Company, established in 1937, when the three Canziani brothers built up the first manual press for thermoplastic resins processing, is located in Torba di Gornate Olona (VA), 10 Km about from the Milan-Malpensa airport. The Company employs 50 workers about in a covered space of 7.000 sqm, placed on 20.000 sqm land.
According to its catchword “Non Standard Technology”, which identifies Presma’s presence in the market and particularly their peculiarity to fulfil the specific requirements of their customers, this well-known Italian company pro- duces injection moulding machines for thermoplastic materials, either compact or foamed, co-injected, gas assisted and even re-cycled. The production range covers over 100 different machine models, with a clamping force from 60 to 6000 KN, mould-holder platens up to 1.860x1.860 mm; modular machines with 1, 2 or 3 stations and rotary multi-station units from 2 to 18 stations, with mould opening/closing either horizontal or vertical; injection units either by reciproca- ting screw or transfer system (Plastizing screw and injection piston); standard, co-injection (sandwich structure) or multi-colour injection heads; working-cells with one or more injection presses complete with robots for the moulding of multi-colours items; vertical clamping presses, with shuttle or rotary table, for the two half-mould bases.
Since 2010 Presma’s range also includes both horizontal and vertical injection moulding machines (with or without tie-bars) for rubber and solid or liquid sili- cone
The three main machine models recently developed for these specific bran- ches are a tie-bar-less vertical machine with 16.000 KN clamping force, heated mould-holder platens of 4000 x 500 mm and whose injection volume is 18.000 cm3, with three different vertical injection units; another two-station vertical machine for solid silicone with 3.000 KN clamping force and 600x790 mm mould-holder platens; and last but not least a 4.000 KN horizontal injection moulding machine for rubber, with direct-piston clamping guided by 4 tie-bars and heated mould-holder platens having a 700x700 mm size.

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