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 MIOZZO: pipe elbows for the pneumatic conveying.
Product quality and attention to the needs of the customer are the basis of industrial philosophy adopted by Miozzo, a manufacturer of pipe elbows used in systems for the pneumatic conveying of different types of powder, flour and plastic granules.
The company, based in Saletto di Vigodarzere (Padua), was founded over forty years ago as a manufacturer of bespoke carpentry acces- sories, especially for the milling industry. Subsequently, its activity also began to embrace the plastic materials industry, which has been iden- tified as an area of potential development for the company.
At present, Miozzo srl supplies long radius pipe bends and compo- nents mainly to manufacturers of ancillary and automation equipment for the conveying and processing of powders and polymeric granules. These companies, which include the leading suppliers in these busi- ness areas, ask Miozzo to construct pipe elbows as well as other cus- tomized accessories.
The Miozzo company is beginning to target the foreign markets, tak- ing the necessary steps at the appropriate gradual pace. Recently Miozzo was present at Fakuma 2018 and exhibited its products at Plast 2018 and IpackIma.
Elbows for the pneumatic conveying are obtained, using mandrel pipe-bending machines, through cold bending of the pipe on a sta- tionary matrix. This procedure ensures that the circular section of the elbow is preserved and also guarantees an accurate radius and high continuity and reproducibility.
Miozzo’s light and heavy metallic carpentry division, also produces single pieces to customer’s specifications. Any non-standard pieces needed to complete the equipment are defined then designing the layout systems for the storage and pneumatic conveying of materi- als (powders and plastic granules). In addition, various solutions are available, supplied to order and also in small quantities, to meet the demand of wear-resistant pipe elbows for the use in the conveying of abrasive materials.

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