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 Friul Filiere has always distinguished itself for providing complete extrusion lines and for the production of dies, tailored to the custo- mers’ needs and hence able to satisfy the most demanding require- ments. By doing that the firm has ended up creating innovative plastic extrusion technology and has conquered the reputation of making possible the impossible (K2019 Friul Filiere’s motto).
A flexible and highly prepared R&D department, along with the “yes, we can” approach, are the indispensable characteristics that allow the company to maintain this high reputation.
biopolymer straws
Friul Filiere aside from having reached excellence in the extrusion of complex profiles in PU and PC as well as thermal break, has other remarkable examples of innovative solutions:
• the complete plant for the production of profiles in FFC TM. FFc or foam fiber composite is a mixture of thermoplastic resins and natural fibers lightened by closed cell expansion, of which Friul Filiere holds the patent. Its innovative strength is the possibility to recycle and reuse within the formulation, not only the waste of vegetable fibers but also the waste of plastics classified as special waste.
• the complete plant for the production of clip bands used in the food industry: traditionally they are made of plastic and steel filaments which make the product non-recyclable. Friul Filiere has studied a solu- tion that eliminates them: the coextrusion of thermoplastic material replaces the filaments and makes the extruded product 100% plastic and therefore easily recyclable.
recyclable agricultural sector
• the new application for dip tubing which is the complete line for the extrusion of straws in the biopolymer material.
• the complete plant for the production of recyclable PE protective film for agricultural sector. In order to make the cloth 100% recycla- ble, the traditional metal eyelets have been replaced with reinforced co-extruded side bands.
• the complete installation for the production of a composite terrace system with a guaranteed performance in Resysta® material, a mixtu- re of composite material and rice husks. The result are high quality profiles and excellent production performances.
With the new European indications on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment, a widespread aware- ness on this fundamental topic had spread into the companies and the society. The plastic sector is facing a new challenge and has the- refore evolve in order to live up to it.
The aforementioned examples prove that Friul Filiere has already verified and working formulas to present to the market and doesn’t need to rush after the green wave simply because satisfying the requirements of efficiency, in terms of energy reduction, waste reduction and reutilization, has always been something the com- pany has looked after.
Friul Filiere, in fact, means innovation not only as a way to achieve better results and performances, but also as a medium to bring improvement at any level, economic, social and environmental.
double strand Resysta profile
extrusion profile FFC

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