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   Plastic, let’s recycle it all.
Roberto Sancinelli, president of Montello SpA group, has no doubts. We must not demonize it, let's use it better and above all let’s learn to recycle it all, since it is 100% recyclable and has an invaluable value also from the economic point of view.
Plastic, recalls the founder of the Bergamo-based company, a world- wide example of a virtuous circular economy, is a material that has an irreplaceable and indispensable role that contributed to change our lifestyle. As a matter of fact, plastic is everywhere. It is not possible to say that it is no longer needed or that it should no longer be used. Rather, we should learn to recycle it over and over again, systematical- ly returning it to the circle of production and consumption.
Nowadays there are several issues under debate. We can't help but notice how much biodegradable and compostable plastics are in the spotlight, but it should be highlighted that some compostable plastics cannot be used within specific product categories (in example, inside an automobile); they can instead be used for some packaging, glasses and disposable tableware, but since these products are widely used almost every day, it is necessary to know that in this case a traditional plastic would be more suitable for recycling since it is entirely mono- polymer. Bioplastics can actually be composted and recycled, it is true, but only with a specific industrial technology and must, above all, be kept away from the humid fraction of wastes (which reacts and must be recycled in a different way) and from traditional plastic. Ultimately, it cannot be mixed with these latter types of waste (in which case it
Roberto Sancinelli - Francesca Sancinelli
would negatively affect their effective and effective recycling) but should be subject to an ad-hoc recovery chain.
Another important focus is on the plastic packaging industry. It must take the path of development of packaging technologies in order to allow products to be more recyclable without compromis- ing the prerogative of continuing to preserve better and longer sen- sitive products such as food. Currently there are some regulations that limit the use of recycled plastic in many products but, just to take the example of food preservation, there are already technolo- gies and treatments that allow 100% reuse of recycled plastic also for this purpose.
By taking a broader look at the general scenario in which these changes occur, we realize then how much the circular economy really affects the socio-economic development of the near future. There are many debates on these topics, it is in all respects a global goal but, unfortunately, there is still a big gap between words and deeds.
And yet, in the words of the president “Montello never stops. The current global market is extremely dynamic, the process is growing steadily and rapidly. For this reason, the creation of added value is non-stop and is the basis of a successful company. We are in a conti- nuous process of evaluating partnerships with a view to estab- lishing new synergies and developing an increasingly important strategic dimension. In this way we face the new competitive market scenarios; in this way we respond quickly and consistently to the great changes taking place. We started from afar, I look at where we are now and yes, Montello never stops "

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